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Holly Carnegie Letcher, BSc(OT), Reg. OT (BC)
Registered Occupational Therapist
Oceanside Pathways 2 Wellness - Holistic Health Services
I am providing an option to look within, to be present, and to celebrate life!
I am also providing an opportunity to acknowledge life stressors and manage stress responses in a healthy way. Pain, anger, grief, frustration, fear, and anxiety may be affecting abilities at work, school, home or in social/leisure environments.
I teach specific skills & strategies and provide tools and practices for clients of all ages, seeking goals of harmony, health, and wellness in daily life.

*During this time of COVID-19*

I am presently offering virtual assessment and treatment using a confidential-encrypted video-call platform. Please contact me if you are a B.C. resident and would like some support in managing pain and anxiety during these uncertain times.  Stay tuned for my online pain/stress relief education and support group. Be well.

Holly Headshot 2020